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 We're called ActiveCounty  

 for a reason!! 

 The goal of this website: 


 'To give every resident of West Berkshire the relevant 

 info needed to be active in their life... no matter what 

 scenario they find themselves in. 

 From outdoor exercises to indoor, from learning to sing to becoming bilingual... 

 We are here to support you in the goals you have or  aspire to have.' 

This website is far from complete! If we had waited till when it was... it would be defeating it's purpose.

So with the continued support of our amazing residents so far, and those who will in the future, this will become the resource we have invisioned!!

'Provided from the Community, for the Community'

Create - Are you an artist, a writer, a photographer...  Are you willing to help someone / groups become more creative themselves. If you can answer yes to both of those then please get in touch! 

What Exactly Do We Need?!?

Outdoor Routes

For Walking, Running and Cycling across West Berkshire. Look at the routes we have already done to see the info we require. On a map please state any stiles, gates or 'Stepped-Bridges'. Also mark out whether there would be any red or purple paths on route. Any extensions / shortcuts etc.

Online Activities

Please feel free to have a quick look at the ready to go menu page... if not done so already. The tutors we are looking for posses the people skills to support someone's drive to succeed. After that is established then we'll talk about what you would like to teach.

There are five sections to our online community. These will house:

Workouts - Are you a health / fitness professional either working for local fitness centres or self-employed. We encourage you to continue to provide your services from the warmness of your homes.

*We can only promote qualified individuals to host these classes.

Performance - Teachers or creative people who are willing to help someone / groups become more confident themselves. We're not asking if your the best teacher in the world, as long as you know your stuff you'll benefit someone's tuition. We don't all learn the same way and we certainly don't all learn from the same.

Religious Services - We would really like to have all 'Places of Worship' across West Berkshire showcased. If you would like us to help you set up online, then please contact us and we'll help get the ball rolling. If your already online, let us know and we can provide the necessary info to those in your area.

Languages - Teachers or fluent individuals who are willing to help someone / groups become bilingual. We would love for the tutors to do webcammed sessions and talk to them in the chosen language, straight fr. Of course, your more than welcome to bring your own teaching style to the table



Please respect and abide by the current government message. We are providing this service because it is needed but it could quite easily cause more harm than good. We are not afraid to take down certain bits of the site until the situation stabilizes, if necessary. 



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