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 Terms of use 

Privacy Policy

Active County will only use your provided details, to pass on to you the information that you have requested and therefore your details will not be passed onto a third party without your consent. Your details will then be stored or erased at your discretion. Please let us know if you require us to change the details provided.


What Provided Details Would We Require:

For a subscriber to the website:

  • Your first and last name - Used to title your information on our system.

  • Your email address - Used to send our weekly newsletter, as well as monthly newsletter saying what’s going on across the county as well as specifically in your area (which is what’s provided below)

  • Your local area of West Berkshire (Newbury, Lambourn etc.) -  Used to filter the specific info we send to you.


For an individual/ group or business included on the website:

  • Your first and name name or name of group/ business - Use to title your information both on the website and for your information on our system.

  • Your Email Address / Phone Number - Provided on the website as a means for viewers to contact them regarding the service they provide.

  • Your Address - Only if required for the business or service you provide. 


There are no details required to simply use the site. Your details are only required, with your consent, if you would like to sign up to our weekly newsletter that shows the additions we have made to the site.

Information Liability

ActiveCounty wants to ensure the website stays accurate and up to date and so reserves the right to make changes, in anyway it sees fit without prior notice. Though the users will be contacted with as much notice as possible, should the unlikely scenario occur where the website must temporally be taken down.

ActiveCounty provides users with links to third party websites that are in no way connected to ActiveCounty, this is to continue our goal of making the information more assessible and easier to follow. The content, views or information held on these third party websites are in no way endorsed by ActiveCounty.

These will be expanded and adjusted as ActiveCounty takes on further services and involves more users. If there are any concerns or you would just like to have further clarification on your details, then please do not hesitate to get in touch at:



Please respect and abide by the current government message. We are providing this service because it is needed but it could quite easily cause more harm than good. We are not afraid to take down certain bits of the site until the situation stabilizes, if necessary. 



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